The Maintenance Manager's Guide to Blasting Abrasives

Your blasting abrasive affects downtime more than you think. By taking control of the blasting process, maintenance managers are eliminating more hidden causes of downtime.
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All you need to make the right choice.

In today’s market, it’s critical to identify every opportunity to improve productivity, performance and safety. Choosing the right abrasive can unlock key benefits for your facility.

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Stand up to Downtime, Dust, & Disruption.

Garnet reduces downtime
Reduce Downtime

Cheaper abrasives aren't as cost effective as they appear. The right abrasive will keep production on schedule, and ensure faster, consistent results.

Garnet improves surface quality
Better Surface Quality

A cleaner surface with a consistent, even-textured profile not only improves coating integrity & longevity, but also minimises paint consumption.

Garnet is safer for workers
Protect Worker Safety

Environmental contamination puts workers and communities at risk. A low dust abrasive with trace metals well below mandated limits protects worker health. 

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