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Your Quick Guide to Leaving Slag Behind

By taking control of the blasting process, maintenance managers are eliminating a hidden cause of downtime. Use this quick guide to choose an abrasive that maximizes productivity from start to finish.


Make Abrasive Blasting Your Secret Weapon

In today’s market, it’s critical to identify every opportunity for enhanced productivity, performance and safety. Choosing the right abrasive can unlock key benefits for your facility. 

  • Reduce downtime by choosing an abrasive that gets the job done faster and better.
  • Minimize disruption with the closest thing to dustless blasting.
  • Eliminate toxic heavy metals by choosing a safer alternative to waste slags.
  • Streamline disposal by lowering your consumption and, in turn, reducing cleanup time.
  • Cut costs by choosing an abrasive that's cost-effective whether used once or recycled.

Discover this and more by downloading the Maintenance Manager's Guide to Blasting Abrasives.

Stand Up to Downtime, Dust and Disruption

When a single line represents millions of dollars per day, there's no time for sloppy, slow-moving waste slag. Discover the alternative that's helping industrial teams get the job done right.