Engineered to perform.

GMA ToughBlast™
Power Through

Engineered for the most demanding coating removal jobs, up to 30 mil/760 µm

Ideal for tank exteriors & liners, rail car facilities, water towers, waste or water treatment facilities, and general maintenance.

Why GMA ToughBlast?

Higher Productivity

GMA ToughBlasthas a 50% higher cleaning rate compared to GMA PremiumBlast.

Cost Effective

Lowers garnet consumption, labor, clean up, and disposal costs.

Superior Surface Finish

Achieves an exceptionally clean surface and uniform profile.

Safety Compliant

Meets all industry, Government safety, and environmental standards. 

*Blasting rates are based on millscale removal and surface preparation. The information and performance data stated are provided as a general purpose guide. Abrasive blasting rates and consumption vary from project to project. Actual project and productivity results could be materially different from projected results expressed or implied.


Engineered blend for the toughest coating removal jobs

GMA ToughBlast™ is a next-generation garnet abrasive blend engineered to power through heavy industrial coatings. The unique mix of coarse and fine garnet optimizes blasting performance in industrial maintenance for shipyards, refineries, tank farms, railcar facilities, and water treatment plants.

Formulated to ‘cut & clean’ faster than traditional abrasives, GMA ToughBlast™ helps your bottom line, keeping projects on schedule at a reduced cost.

ship yard blast abrasive case study

Case Study

Shipyard saves 70% in abrasive consumption with shift to GMA ToughBlast™


A shipyard in New York harbor recently switched from using slag abrasives to GMA ToughBlast™ garnet. Results showed an impressive increase in efficiency from each blaster covering 1,200 ft2/110 m2 per night using slag abrasives to between 1,500/140 and 2,000 ft2/185 m2 per night using garnet abrasives.

The customer blasted two steel ocean barges with GMA ToughBlast™ and achieved a significant savings up to 70% in abrasive consumption. The reduced consumption rate also resulted in less downtime required to refill the blasting pots. Furthermore, the customer was able to take advantage of GMA Garnet™ Recovery Program to eliminate the freight costs required to dispose used slag abrasives. By using GMA Garnet™, lower dust emissions not only improved the operator's visbility but also enhanced workplace safety. 


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